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smartphoneMission Statement

WebHoly exists to promote godly purity and holiness in the use of the internet for individuals, couples, families and organizations.



Our Plan

WebHoly promotes Godly purity and holiness by encouraging the use of accountability software. We are not offering to sell any software ourselves, we simply promote through education and create an awareness of the great need for personal accountability in your use of the internet. Education may come in the form of speaking engagements, personal correspondence or personal conversation.


Interested individuals will be encouraged to make a commitment to be "WebHoly," complete an online or paper application, and identify accountability partners. Accountability partners' willingness to serve in that capacity will be confirmed and all parties provided a list of accountability software that will meet their needs.  Follow up communication, seeking confirmation of software installation, will be provided by WebHoly volunteers.

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Check out this great video series for your church, organization or personal use!


"The Mouse Trap - The Dangers of Internet Pornography" by the Center for Christian Broadcasting


This eight-part DVD series will "rock your world". Sexual addiction/pornography is tearing homes apart, ruining lives & sucking the life's blood out of our churches; most of which is being done "under the radar." Sadly, many elders, church leaders & youth ministers are involved in the addiction themselves. Most of us have/have had this problem in our families or extended families. We simply choose not to talk about it or even worse, deal with it effectively. This series will give help & hope to those who so desperately need it. It will also provide information & strategies for loved ones and church leaders who are trying to help but have no idea how to give the specialized help that is needed.  Learn more.



If you struggle with sexual addiction, what age range do you fall in?